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BUSY is an integrated business accounting software for small and medium businesses. With over 75,000 installations (over 4 Lac Users) in India and abroad, BUSY is one of the leading accounting software in INDIA.

The salient features of BUSY are:

 Financial Accounting (Multi-Currency)         Multi-location Inventory Management           Production / Bill of Material                                        Sales / Purchase Order Processing             Fully User-configurable Invoicing                  User-configurable Documents / Letters                   Sales Tax Reports / Registers                      VAT Returns / Registers (State-wise)           Mfg. / Trading Excise Registers                             Service Tax / TDS / FBT                                Direct E-Mail / SMS Facility                           MIS Reports & Analysis

WizApp is a leading ERP application, exclusively developed for Apparel & Lifestyle industry that acts as a comprehensive solution to stimulate the total activity of Apparel Manufacturer, Wholesalers, POS / Retailers and Exporters.
For over a decade, it has successfully helped business to deliver and grow by providing customized solutions to meet the ever dynamic requirements of this industry. It helps companies to clearly differentiate from competitions and facilitates business to the next level in terms of efficiency, performance, security, control, flexibility and most importantly profitability. The software helps you to take complete control on Inventory Management, Retail POS process, Supplier/Customer Management, Barcoding process and Accounts Management.

WizGem is an ERP application, exclusively developed for all types of Jewellery business ranging from small to large Wholesaler's / Retail Store owners. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with the upmost care to address specific needs of respective clients.

It consists of specific modules considering Gold/Silver/Diamond/Gems/Loose Diamonds jewellery which are specific to a jewellery business. We follow standard methodologies for Software Development and provide complete management of Purchase, Inventory, Bar-coding, Split-combine, Sale and Customer management for Gold/Diamond/ other Jewellery. For establishment of WizGem, highly skilled and innovative professionals from industry got together and worked towards a common goal in shaping up its standard edition of this Jewellery software WizGem. We are confident that you would be delighted to use this software, the way we enjoyed creating it.

Z-Pay is a comprehensive solution to cater all your needs pertaining to Salary Calculation, PF & ESIC management, Time & Attendance Management, TDS Computation, Professional Tax, Bonus, Gratuity, LWF, Loans & Advances, Arrear, OverTime calculation etc. Z-Pay is simple to use and flexible enough to take care of unlimited allowances and deduction heads. Z-Pay gives you the flexibility to export data into various formats like excel, ms word etc. and also option to import data from excel. It has the message center with the option to Email your reports on the fly and send SMS's to employees with different templates.

Salient Features
Multi Company Option                                                  Unlimited Allowances
Daily/Monthly Attendance Management                     Leave Management
User Defined Leave Rules                                           PF/ESIC Calculation
PF/ESIC Returns/ Challans                                         Salary Slip/Salary Statement
Bonus & Gratuity Calculations                                     Bonus Register
Arrear Calculation                                                         Salary Incrementent
Loans & Advances                                                        Professional Tax
Hindi Payslip                                                                  Cheque Printing
TDS                                                                                 Flexible Reporting
Bank Salary Transfer Statement                                  Month Wise Employee Salary Statement
Muster Roll                                                                      Employee Cost To Company
Over Time Calculation & Management                       Over Time Register
Shift Management & Shift Change Process               Full & Final Report
Linkage With Attendance Machine                              Export Data to Excel/HTML